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Category Archives: Food

#AiPickling: Wine-and-Vinegar Pickled Radishes

No one in my household likes radishes. Not really, anyway. Neither M nor (e) eat radishes. I like them, but only in very small amounts in salads. The sharp spiciness can be quickly overwhelming for me. Note: daikon is the exception. Daikon is so mild that I can eat a lot of it and (e) […]

#AiCooking: Spinach & Radish Leaf Pesto

Welcome 2014! Another year and another series of adventures in #CSA. Having done this last year with the same farm, we’ve come to know what sort of veg to expect so I was excited to get started this year. Like last year, my sister, (e) and I are splitting a full share, since we’re both […]

#AiCooking: Basil-Pistachio Pesto

The CSA last week contained a large bunch of basil. M & I normally use basil sparingly, chopped finely and stirred into just-cooked pasta, bruschetta, or on top of homemade pizza. This much basil calls for pesto, but M doesn’t like pesto. I do, but I have been taking radish greens and making pesto from […]

#AiBaking: Granola

This past week, I got a delivery of ten pounds of organic blueberries from southern New Jersey from our CSA (new this year, so I am very excited to eat vegetables seasonally). I dove into research on what I could make that fits my baking and cooking criteria. I am part of a small household, […]

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